Thursday, July 21, 2011
Common Ground Country Fair

I’m beginning to get really excited about my virginal appearance at Common Ground Country Fair this year. I’m not entirely sure what to expect since I’ve never even attended. I’m told by wise people in the know that it’s a wonderful time. I mean, who wouldn’t love a place called “Unity?”

The first half of the year has been a little quiet for me. I’ve been busy behind the scenes, mostly adjusting to the move of the studio. The North Dam Mill in Biddeford was an absolutely wonderful place to work but I had to find some new digs and eventually settled in Westbrook. Much of the spring was spent with the move but now that summer is upon us with a vengeance, I’ve started the production engine up again in preparation for the fair.

Keychains were a big hit last summer as were wallets so I’m planning on introducing some new styles and designs. In fact, they were so popular that I struggled to keep them in stock! Another hot item were charm bracelets so I’ve been working on some new styles for this autumn. And I haven’t forgotten the MILLION requests for messenger bags. I just want to make sure I can create a product that is truly long-lasting and that won’t require repairs, particularly to the strap area. Never you fear, however! They are definitely on my radar!

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