Portland Press Herald Article!

I was vending away at Picnic on Saturday, mostly minding my own business, when I was approached by a conservatively dressed man. He’d made a bee-line for me and came behind my table¬†instead of the typical customer who wanders in and barely engages. At first, I thought he was checking to make sure I had my vendor license because he looked somewhat official with his notebook and pen but it turns out he was there to interview me for the Portland Press Herald.

Talk about a pleasant surprise! Here is the article, which came out in Sunday’s paper: Artists Give Trash a Second Chance.

The event was very busy thanks in large part to a huge street art fair also going on downtown and it stayed jumping until about 5pm when I suspect everyone started looking for food. The new keychains were a big hit so I’ll have to get cracking on making some more! Overall, I had fun and got to meet a number of extremely friendly and positive people, which is always a bonus.

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