Magical wallets…finally!

We get asked constantly for wallets. Every time we do a festival, fair or are stopped on the street by someone who comments on our bags, we’re asked if we do wallets. Theoretically, we’ve always said, we do. Honestly, though, we don’t. Or at least, until now, we didn’t!

See, we’re picky about our wallets. Like most people, we overstuff them, need them to do everything short of make us dinner, all while not being bulky. Our first wallet offering is slim (at 2″x4″), has three pockets (two outside, one inside) on each side and can hold cash or receipts in the elastic that holds the whole thing together.

This wallet is also magical. Pretend to be a Houdini as you mesmerize your friends: whatever you put in the elastic straps seems to jump from one side to the other (like all good magicians, we refuse to share the secret). Trust us, you’ll be a hit at parties.

We’re so psyched about our new wallet that we can’t believe we took so long to make them. We’ll certainly be making more wallets in the very near future!

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