Passport Pocketbook And The End To Searching For Receipts

I have this problem. I am the WORST about stuffing my purse/bag/wallet with receipts and then finding myself rifling through a ball of them, spilling them all over the ground or the conveyor belt at the supermarket, while I try to dig something else out. This means, of course, that all of my RRR and personal receipts wind up co-mingling and everyone knows terrible things happen when you mix business with pleasure.

Last week, I decided I’d had it with the receipt revolt and sat down to make a receipt holder so I could keep everything sorted. Knowing myself, I realized that this holder had to be convenient enough that I would actually use it. If it required a great deal of fuss as the cashier is handing me my change, I was going to be inclined to just stick the dollars, coins and receipts into my purse and forget about them (which is my modus operandi). My other requirement was that it be lovely. From these simple rules, I created my receipt book:

I fell so in love with the design that I realized I could use the shell to make not only a sweet little purse but a passport wallet, the kind that hold everything including one’s passport. So, I got to work and soon created this:

I almost didn’t want to list it on Etsy, thinking I would just keep this first one for myself. But then, how would I differentiate between the wallet and the receipt holder? I foresaw great troubles at the checkout and decided I should be happy with the one I have.

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