A Dress To Wear To The Apocalypse

Things have been busy in the RRR studio lately, mostly finishing the set-up of the space and tinkering with some of my machines that have been sitting for an unmentionable amount of time in a storage space. In between, I’ve been making some new things, though the going has been slow since I’d been doing it all by hand until I could get the machines up and running. Now that they’re all oiled and pumping, however, I could forge full-steam ahead with some of the projects that had been languishing on the shelf. One of those projects has been a new line of clothing.

Behold, one of my newest dresses (and squid-belly collar):

The gown body is constructed from a chartreuse (my favorite color right now) cotton and overlaid with hand-cut rubber filigree. The bodice is pleated satin, with a rubber band top and the skirt has black cotton ruffles and a satin drape. I made the bottom of the skirt detachable, in a stroke of genius, because I thought it looked pretty fetching as a cocktail dress. I have a photo shoot coming up on Monday with a local photographer so hopefully I’ll get some good photos of it on a live body.

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