Winter Hump

The holiday fairs were great! Apart from the schlepping crates of things to and fro and the hours of smiling, that is. After all the socializing and gaiety of the holiday season, I took a bit of a break, set out on the road for Memphis (of all places), and just forgot about the studio. Of course, I THOUGHT that I had done a stellar job of cleaning out all of the nibbly bits from the fridge and the cabinets but I returned to find the entire studio smelled like old man butt. Or really clinging death farts. Turns out I’d left a soup in the freezer and unplugged the mini fridge. That’ll teach me to take time off!

The trip itself was really awful and included: The Thin White Duke (our super-mobile) spewing out a spark plug at 70mph in the middle of Farm-Town, Pennsylvania, to the tune of $1000; getting sicker than sick in Blacksburg, Virginia; and driving through Hotlanta in the midst of ICE STORM APOCALYPSE 2010 which really wasn’t that bad but, being a New Englander, I was the only one on the road who knew how to drive. One really awesome thing that we did was, under the cloak of night, we visited the Georgia Guidestones. Something about pulling up on these tremendous Stonehenge-esque monuments in the middle of some soybean field at night was enough to make my colon jump into my throat. That didn’t, however, prevent us from reciting the Stonehenge monologue from “Spinal Tap.” We all vowed right then and there that, should the world fall apart and mankind meet its deserved end, we’ll go dig up that time capsule. That is, if we haven’t been turned in to rabid zombies. But maybe even then we’ll still manage the trip.

Okay, New Year Resolution time: My goal for the beginning of 2010 is to take better photographs. I know I harp on this all the time but it’s because I’m completely self-consciously aware of how poorly I present my stuffs. Obviously, I need some snot-nosed photography student long on vision and short on fees to come in and revolutionize my photos. Or I need a new camera. Or I need a light tent, which I am building this very afternoon! Maybe I’ll post photos of the process. Ha!

Meanwhile, here are some photos of the booth at the craft fairs to make you visual addicts happy:

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